Crossing the Line Into Crazy-Can you tell when You’ve gone too far?

There is that line that you can cross…the line in between “reaction” or “normal idea” into “over reaction” and “extreme idea” And then there is the next line…the one that crosses over into Bipolar Reaction and Bipolar idea . And these things always start out in truth.  IN actual REALITY. There are reasonable reasons You […]

I am struggling

as salam alikum readers I have been struggling with my moods , it is hard and it effects everyone around me .  Being ill with bipolar that doesn’t respond to medication is very hard , it is like being thrown on a roller coaster without being ask before hand. It has been causing issues in […]

Perfect Qualities of the Beloved Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him)

Extracted from the Sealed Nectar (ar-Raheek al-Makhtum), biography/seerah of the beloved Messenger of Allah. The Prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, had both perfection of features and perfection of manners. The impression of them on people can be deduced by the bliss that overwhelmed their hearts and filled them with dignity. Men’s respect, devotion […]

Pakistani style Chicken Samosas To Soothe Your Taste Buds!

Pakistani or Indian Style samosas are very easy to make and freeze with readymade dough strips. It is one of the most popular savouries of South Asia that has been through a lot of variations since everybody likes it in a different way… some fill it up with beef mince, some with chicken mince and…

AL-JALIL: The Glorious

AL-JALĪL (الجليل) The Glorious, The Exalted, The Mighty, The Sublime, The Majestic, The Honorable, The Independent, The Resplendent Related name: AL-JAMĪL (الجميل) The Beautiful Arabic root From the root (ج ل ل) which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to be supremely great; to be glorious, majestic; to be sublime; to be high, lofty, far […]