Happy Daylight Savings! And New Therapist and Doctor Referral Group

Therese J. Borchard

Unknown-5Happy Daylight Savings Day! I know I always feel better once this day arrives … the beginning of Spring to come.

Also, I wanted to let folks know that we now have a Doctor and Therapist Referrals section (group) on Project Beyond Blue (now over 2200 members!). When Beyond Blue Foundation has the resources, I’d like to have a more sophisticated database or system. But this is a good beginning–a way to exchange information and opinions about healthcare professionals.

This is SO important to recovery from severe depression and other mood disorders. I had to try seven psychiatrists before I found a good one. Part of the mission of Beyond Blue Foundation is to assist a person in getting the RIGHT kind of help, so I think this kind of tool–hopefully a better system coming–will go far.

Thanks, and happy beginning of Spring!


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