Hard World

It was a hard hard world they had left behind

Where the wheels did turn and their songs did rhyme

It was a hard hard road with its twisting bends

With its new dawn sights and its clucking hens

It’s a long long time with a dim dim past

Where the smoke did drift and the tales did last

It’s a hard hard story to unfold with its dreams all lost

With its children cold

It was a hard hard reason to tell them lies

To say that it was like heaven beneath the skies

When your hands were cold and your belly weak

All your journeys long and your spirit bleak

Oh it’s a long long journey from start to end

So cock an ear and let’s pretend my friend

There were rabbits free around each bend

Friends and neighbors for money yet to lend

The chavvies they played upon the downs with barefoot steps with laughing sounds

The old uns sat around the yog and told of dreams within the bog

The chaffinch trilled and the adder squirmed amongst the gorse each sunny morn

Where the vardo rested and the young men dreamed

And kissed the girls and made them scream

It was a hard life looking back amongst the broom and alder downs n back

Where the work was hard cutting peat and selling craft to mushes feet

The stories told and the lies were spun of how we all had such good fun

With blistered hands and swollen feet and little monies

But we had those dreams.

Said The Gypsy Poet

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