Let Her Fly!

Her only desire is to fly to her freedom. You always ask her to go away, affirms her arrival in your life worsened your fate, you are probably right. She admits it. You are not a good element either for her. There is no compatibility between you both. You are like oil and water, will […]


The best ever Baked Chicken Nuggets!

As a high needs child, Munna has a ferocious appetite. He nursed ever so frequently as a baby which has translated into him wanting to munch on something every quarter of an our or so. This always leaves me in a fix! I have my reservations for pre-packed, frozen foods so always on the look […]


Fried Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk

Fried Chicken Thighs Curry Hello everyone.. I think I am posting a non-veg recipe after a big gap..!! Yeah, you can see my last few posts were completely vegetarian stuff!!… The post Fried Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk appeared first on adorable life.


[E-book] Sincerity- Sh. Salih al-Munajjid

Muslim scholars have paid great attention to the deeds of the heart, authored many books on this topic, explained the importance of this issue to people and encouraged them to be mindful of it and develop themselves in this field. This is because the salvation of humankind (after the mercy of Allah) is achieved through […]



Assalaamualaikumwar ahmatullahwabara katahu:
And on that Day when the mountains will move
And the earth will shake with a violent shaking
And no one will be concerned about their fathers or mothers their
children or spouse

And on that Day when the Trumpet will be blown twice
And mankind will appear drunk out of fear of his Lord
And on that Day when eyes will swell up with tears
When the book of deeds will be layed open
And you will see all that you have done in this life
of good and evil and it will be written in numbers

Because you worship a Lord that does not forget!
And on that Day when the whole of earth will die and then be
resurrected so that Judgement may began
And on that day when sweat will pour
out of fear from your Lord
And the heavens will be opened and you shall come unto your Lord in
And on that Day the body parts will speak for you regarding your

You will not be able to speak as to defend yourself
Your legs, private parts, eyes, ears, mouth will all testify against
Allahu Must’an!
And you will hope that those people you have wronged, will forgive you
And you will hope that your repentance will be accepted from your
And you will hope that your soul will be saved from the fire!
And on that Day your Lord will be just
And He will remind you of what your hands put forth in this life
And on that Day there will be no time,
So on that Great day, you will surely come to know…..


Does Islam motivate you?

Does it inspire you?

Has your love for Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala given you all the encouragement and motivation you need to wake up before the sun rises to offer your salaat-ul-fajr?

Have the words of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala in His book – Al-Qur’an – inspired you and moved you to such an extent that the deepest and filthiest parts of you begged for change, cried for self-improvement?

We fear Allah and we should, but where is our love for Him?

His mercy is greater than His wrath.

Our fear of His wrath keeps us on the right path, insha`Allah, but what about our love for Him?

His words should move you to the point of tears. His commands should dawn upon you with epiphany and satisfaction and endless contentment of everything you have been given and all that has been taken away from you in this life. His signs and miracles should constantly make you believe and remind you of His power and motivate you to remember Him and call upon Him – not only in your times of need, but in every moment of your life in which you should feel a sense of gratitude, and in every moment you breathe.

He is your Creator. He is your Provider. He is your Guide. He is your Forgiver. He is your Listener. He is your Guardian. He is your best friend, insha`Allah.

Your love for Him should be so great that a moment of forgetting Him makes you feel nauseous and anxious and desperate for Him – His signs, His book, His love, His reminders.

Let’s go back to the time when the recitation and tafseer of the qur’an brought pouring tears in our eyes. Let’s go back to the time when performing salaat took up most of our days because we understood that He is not in need of our salaah – it is us that is in need, it is us that is begging for forgiveness, guidance. When you ask someone to do something for you, you make the request sound as beautiful as possible. When we pray to Allah – in which every time we recite surah Al-Fatiha, we are asking for His guidance and help – why is it that we rush through it? What kind of a request is rushed?

YOU ARE STANDING BEFORE YOUR LORD, ASKING FOR HIS FORGIVENESS, ASKING FOR HIS GUIDANCE… And you’re merely mumbling words you’ve simply memorized at a young age and you rush through it. Nothing could be more embarrassing than performing salaat in front of your Lord and looking pathetically uninterested and unmotivated.

YOU NEED YOUR SALAAT. He does not. Perfect your salaat, be sincere, cry before Him; your sins should be more than enough to make you weep at the thought of asking for His forgiveness for them.

WHERE IS OUR EMOTION? Where is our love for Islam? For Allah? Where is our motivation, our inspiration??

Ya Allah, make us among the pious. Keep us close to You. Continue to guide us and, Al-Rahman, forgive us. Forgive us for every sin, every mistake. Ya Allah, forgive us, forgive us, forgive us. We sinned with our own hands that YOU blessed us with. We sinned with our own eyes that YOU blessed us with. We sinned with Your bounties, we sinned with Your blessings, we sinned with Your mercy. We abused Your blessings. Ya Allah, forgive us. Bring us closer to You. Ameen.