Youth Problems by Sheikh Muhammad Salih al- Uthaymeen

Excellent read for the youth of all times. Just read it once and you will know what I am talking about. Lots of beneficial lessons to learn and implement. Free pdf can be found online or on the app The True Sunnah.

A Mother’s Prayer For Her Child

Have you ever questioned why you’re here,
On the planet earth..
And if all your words and all your deeds have any value or enduring worth?

Your birth,

Your life and your resurrection are but as an individual soul..
And while you may have harnessed Mother nature,

It’s not within your power to prevent growing old.

You haven’t been placed here just for fun..

To do what ever you please.
This life is full of strife for everyone and just sparingly sprinkled with comfort and ease..

The basic task you have before you is to submit yourself to Him.
Who Created the Universe entire and everything within.

When once you do, I’m sure that you will find, as others have,
There’s ample light inside yourself to guide you on the path.

Your mother cried a tear when you appeared and said a heartfelt prayer..
‘Dear God,

Please let this child of mine know how much I really care.’

She was there, when you took,

Your first steps on your own,
And it’s largely due to her efforts that you have any concept of home.

She sacrificed for you throughout your entire life and gave you good advice.
She said,

“If you walk to God

He will run to you.

If you take one step

He will take two.

Don’t let nothing or no one hinder your way.
If it’s stormy right now, tomorrow there’ll be a brighter day.

Take this advice I give you here for I have your interest at heart.
When you get older it’ll be clear, for we all from here must part.

No one stays here forever, it’s not the place to be.
It’s only temporary anyway.

It’s not eternity.

But still you must live your life as if each day is your last.
You can’t project the future and you can’t extend the past.

That which is for you will not pass you by,
You can’t affect what’s not to be, no matter how hard you try.

Always keep good stock of yourself by looking deep within.
Arm yourself with righteousness,

And guard yourself from sin.

Sometimes it’s ruff,

I must admit this stuff is tuff enough.
But there’s much comfort when you submit and call the devils bluff.

Each step you take make sure it’s straight,

Don’t falter left or right.
Just remember that your strength comes from…

Gods’ Unrelenting Might.

He’s fully Able and Capable if you’ll take

Him as your Friend.
You’ll find

He’s available both day and night as a True Protecting Patron.

Success right here you’ll find,

If you follow Laws Divine,
And no ones flimsy philosophical whims could then confuse your mind.

Just make your motive right and your efforts most sincere.
The help of God is never far off..

In fact it’s always near.”

Tears Rain Down

well written thanks for sharing


Hot, salty tears stream down my face, mascara streaking my face like a Amazonian warrior. These tears could end earlier than later, but most of the time don’t. Why? Because crying is like a drug. Scientifically, it emits endorphins that make us feel good, even when we don’t. When you start, it’s so very hard to stop. I start crying for one thing and end up crying for several different reasons, letting all those feelings that I bottle up inside, out. But anymore, when I cry, I don’t even have a reason, it’s more like just to do so. Just something to do to not think of things that would play with my mind in the long run. Even now as I write, I have no idea what I mean, but as I finish, I know how to end. Like this…

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Somethings I’ve Learned ……


Tights work great under jeans to keep children’s legs warm in winter time.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Ask yourself if it’s good enough, if it is good enough leave it alone.

It is perfectly ok to dress children the night before for school , I mean people now wear pjs in public .

Keep hair neat and brushed

If child wants to chop off hair let them its just hair, same goes for dying it odd colors

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Homemade Chocolate Freckles- Easiest Recipe Ever!

This is going  to be short and sweet, it’s literally that simple. I got this idea from my wonderful mama, who got it from wherever she got it from. Ok so most Aussies will know of the chocolate freckle- little blobs of chocolate with 100’s and 1000’s on top.  Back in the day you could […]