The best ever Baked Chicken Nuggets!

As a high needs child, Munna has a ferocious appetite. He nursed ever so frequently as a baby which has translated into him wanting to munch on something every quarter of an our or so. This always leaves me in a fix! I have my reservations for pre-packed, frozen foods so always on the look […]


10. To be able to eat a whole candy bar (alone) and drink a soda without any “floaties” (ie, backwash) 9. To have 15 year-old daughter answer a question without rolling her eyes in that “Why is this person my mother?”. 8. Five pounds of chocolate that won’t add twenty. 7. A shower without a […]

This Thing Called Parenting

I’m looking for the manual— you know the one that tells you all about how to raise a kid? Okay, so there’s no instruction booklet for raising children, but there’s still a responsibility to use all the resources we have, right? I’m the least qualified to be handing out parenting tips (I’m not even a […]

Dear Mum, I’ve got depression…

Eavesdropping slightly and picking up on small bits of a conversation, I overheard a child a few days ago telling her parents that she felt anxious. Unfortunately I didn’t stick around long enough to hear what this little girl, no older than 7 years of age, was anxious about. I did however, hear her father […]