It’s Ramadan and I can’t fast!

Well written and useful advice thanks for sharing


So the blessed month is upon us alhamdulillah! But I know that for us girls we always face one problem, what do we do when we start menstruating and we can’t fast? When everyone around us is fasting and we are unable to. We feel left out and upset that we can’t reap the rewards of fasting in this month. But alhamdulillah this is something that has been given to us by Allah so we shouldn’t feel frustrated by it. It is a blessing that Allah has commanded us not to fast while we are menstruating, we are in pain and we can feel weaker during these days so Allah has given us a “break” so that we can maintain good health. But this doesn’t mean we can do any acts of worship. There are in fact many things we can do during these days to continue to gain rewards…

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