World of Temptation, pt II

World of Temptation, pt II

Outsiders would believe
My life they were
Saving, my soul
They were relieving.
My life and soul
Are my own with
Which to use as I
See fit, and they
Would have me believe
Their lies!
My life cannot be
Saved for lost it
Was so long ago!
My soul screams and
I cannot sleep so
Death I pray for!
I dream of escaping
To the world of temptation.

World of Temptation, pt I

World of Temptation, pt I

Metal rods,broken glass
Rusty nails,a lonely screwdriver
Wire hanger, metal shards
Piercing me throughout
Each wound represents
A subtle suggestion, a
Flash of seduction,
A taste of pain to savor.
Blood runs forth
Without control, and
Soaks into my clothes
Knives make excellent quills
For the flesh,cutting
In, carving out, exactly
What I’m thinking,
Showing everything
A world of temptaion awaits me
If only in secret;for those around
Would take away my cutting tools
And shut me in a dark room.