Cold Spirit

Cold Spirit

When winter Paley promenades,
And softly settles blankets white.
Then with wailing
Lamenting winds,
Glides in gleaming might.
Shimmering, dances with the light.
The sun in reverence taking leave.
Turns his friendly face another way.
Stands afar at winter’s solstice,
Winter’s cool crisp fingers fondling earth,
In lingering love.
Her majesty enthroned,
Undisputed queen.
Fearing spring,
Dreading dying.
Lay her scepter down.

Cold Spirit


When winter parley promenades,and softly
settles blankets white. Then with wailing
lamenting winds,glides in gleaming
might. Shimmering, dances with
the light. The sun in reverence taking leave.
Turns his friendly face another way. Stands afar
at winter’s solstice,lonely,glinting,gliding.
Winter’s cool crisp fingers fondling earth,in
lingering love.Cradling,crafting,caressing.
Her majesty enthroned,sitting,standing
sliding,undisputed queen.Ebbing,fading,fearing spring,dreading
dying.Capitulates,comply s,dispirited,lays
her scepter down.

fighting blah’s

drank 2 cups of coffee and working on 3rd cup still feel like I am wading through quicksand

made ginger snaps ,
made snicker doodles,
made peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip bars ,
Still Feeling Blah1537458_775796485779562_1019074213_o

depression sucks and distractions keeping busy are not helping why is depression worse in the winter time?

life has a way of crashing down on one and life spinning  out of control.

the saying goes when it rains it pours well in life when crap happens it happens all at once!

Ok I haven’t written in quite a while guess i have been so wrapped up in my head

At night I lay in bed tossing and turning

I weep quietly

many tears I do shed

I am shedding tears and keeping company with fears and worries

This is how depression takes over it starts small and it grows from there ,

it creeps in on silent foggy feet

wraps it energy sucking dullness around you like a heavy cloak

it blocks out all the joy it steals all emotions but sadness and loneliness

then comes the weeping and the gray cloudy days one has trouble remembering things and concentrating important tasks

get pushed to the back as the nagging voices of self doubt   and negative creep in and ruin your self esteem