I wait for you in the vast sea,

I’ll forever wait for you to love me.

I swim among the ocean blue,

It’s cold and lonely compared to you.

I wait for you among the stars in space,

Keeping up an erratic and timely pace.

Flying and seeing our universe in the sky,

But without you here with me,

I’d rather die.

I’m a lioness waiting for the kill,

Patiently waiting,

Not showing the chill.

I wait for my treasure to be in my sight,

But if it never comes,

I’ll lose the fight.

I wait for your love wherever it may be

I wait for you in the fields,

The stars,the sea.

The question is not if I’ll wait for you,

But whether or not you’ll wait for me too?


Watching as you leave 

I stand at the door 

Hoping to see your smile 

Waiting for the one 

Special moments that fly by 

Memories that will remain 

Never knowing what is next 

Never see what lies in wait 

Never realizing what was there 

Until it is gone 

Watching you while you lie beside me 

Waiting until you open your arms to me 

Never ceasing to be in awe of you

 I will remain faithful and true