Universal Stranger (My claim to the Name)

Universal Stranger (My claim to the Name)


Without exception I have found . . .My soul
forever bound to a world that confounds.
My love – so profound – an agitated blood-
hound. Hearing what has no sound.Swim in
filth – I drowned. Never gaining ground.
Thoughts slosh around. Mentally unsound?
Speak words – they rebound.The echoes
compound my feelings – inbound.Attempting
union – I propound.To inquiry – I expound.
My hopes still abound. Seeking “love”
renowned;Friendship newfound. This does not
redound. Reactions – they astound. Hope
becomes unwound. Tears silently resound.
I tread this “stomping” ground. While
turmoil’s surround. With confidence I am
crowned it will never be unbound. The desire
ought to drown. My peace is hallowed
ground.My freedom – never to impound.Once
lost – forever found.