How Many…

How many of us would be able
To overcome our desires
And resist the temptation of sin?
How many of us even lower our gaze
When we look upon something
That we are not supposed to?
The real prisoner is the one whose
Heart has been kept away from
Remembering his Lord,
And the real captive is the one who has
Been captivated by his whims and desires.”

Edge of Disdain

Somewhere along the way of this journey that someone decided that I was able to travel, I was taught the lesson of disdain. Disdain doesn’t break one’s heart; it doesn’t crush a soul. Rather disdain is so powerful that it takes the very ability to justify one’s own existence and question the probabilities. Being mentally […]

AL-HAQQ: The Truth

Beautiful names related to Allah’s Absolute Perfection AL-HAQQ (الحق) The Truth AL-ḤAYY (الحيُّ) The Ever-Living AL-QAYYŪM (القيُّوم) The Self-Existing AL-GHANI (الغني) The All-Sufficing AṢ-ṢAMAD (الصمد) The Absolute AL-AWWAL (الأول) The First AL-AKHIR (الآخر) The Last AZ-ZĀHIR (الظاهر) The Manifest AL-BĀṬIN (الباطن) The Hidden AL-BĀQI (الباقي) The Everlasting AL-WĀRITH(الوارث) The Supreme Heir AL-KABĪR (الكبير) The Most […]

We Are the Ummah

We invite to the path of Islam, Enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. We’re the Prophet’s Ummah, Slaves of the Almighty Creator. We follow the Qur’an and Sunnah, And stand together in prayer. Our brothers sport a beard, wear the prayer cap; Sisters cover themselves from head to toe. We respect our […]