oh tree

i see your pain standing alone silent as the world whirls by you beating you defeating you moody seasons burning you with sunny smiles then with cold lashes and bitter tongue stripping you bare aging you and you can’t run shackled by roots that hold you still in this hardened ground in this same valley […]



Signs (Aayaat  plural of Aayah)  are that which indicate something and make it clear. Then the signs of Allah, the Most High, are of two types: signs in creation, and signs in His Revealed way (Sharee’ah).  The signs in creation are those things which He created, and the signs in His Revealed way are what is found in His […]


Five day five photo challenge day four. Long dark nights staring at the tree

Well the day was long and very busy that she didn’t mind so much, the cooking and cleaning and housekeeping kept her very busy, it was the long dark quite nights that stretched on and on nights had always been the hardest because there was no one around to keep her mind from wondering and going to the what ifs and if only it was like her mind was stuck on what she should would and could have done but the past was the past and no use dwelling on it.

She silently got up out of bed and made her way to the bathroom where she made wudu then she returned to her room and spread out her prayer rug and pulled on her prayer outfit she prayed for peace and understanding but most of all she prayed for the pain to stop as she prayed tears silently ran down her face . Once she finished praying she got up and looked out the window and outside she saw the tree and it was casting it’s shadows onto the cold snow coved ground it seemed peacefulness quite moon slipped slowly through the sky she didn’t realize how late it was when she woke up laying on the  windows eat the rooster was crowing and it was time for morning prayer so she got up and made wudu and got up to make the farj salat then the morning chores, life goes on …………….