My Failing Willow Tree

My Failing Willow Tree

Oh my failing willow tree,
Why have you given up hope me?
For all these years I have held you well,
And now I have to see you dwell,
Like a mother over her sick child,
And I see you hang limp, till you breathe your last breath,
Where the earth bewails over your Death. . .
Then when you have perished,
And your lack of hope has eaten you away,
There will be Hope.
For a new life of you will sprout,
And the harmony of you will outstretch,
Touching the sky, the sun,
And your long leaves calling to the soft soil,
For a new breath to call, and breathe. . .
For a warm heart again beat,
And through your flesh,
Will run your lively spirit,
And you will hold strong in midst,
Of the Hope of thy Willow Tree.

Friendship Is Like A Big Oak Tree….

Friendship Is Like A Big Oak Tree….

It gives you shelter,
It gives you life.
Once you grow It In a land that is fertile,

It will always flourish,
Grow and thrive.Leaves shed when there Is
Fear and fight.
Stems grow When there Is
Hope and light.Flowers bloom when there Is
Smile In delight.
Fruits come as a gift,
When It’s strong and unite.

But all you must do, is just add
A bunch full of trust.
Then you will see with your own eyes,
That your Oak Tree will grow up to
Reach the sky.