[E-book] Adorning knowledge with actions- Sh. Husayn al-Awaayishah

Author’s Introduction Verses of the Qur’an Regarding the Rewards of Actions Removing the Hindrances What Now? Some Texts Regarding the Removing of Hindrances Obligatory Actions Before the Supererogatory and Recommended Actions Who Should I Give Priority to In Inviting First? From A Man’s Perfecting His Religion is Leaving Alone That Which Does Not Concern Him […]


[E-book] Sincerity- Sh. Salih al-Munajjid

Muslim scholars have paid great attention to the deeds of the heart, authored many books on this topic, explained the importance of this issue to people and encouraged them to be mindful of it and develop themselves in this field. This is because the salvation of humankind (after the mercy of Allah) is achieved through […]