AL-GHAFFAR: The Repeatedly Forgiving

Beautiful names of Allah linked to His forgiveness AL-GHAFFᾹR (الغفار) The Repeatedly Forgiving AL-GHAFŪR (الغفور) The Exceedingly Forgiving GHᾹFIR ADH-DHAMB (غافرالذنب) The Forgiver of Sin AT-TAWWᾹB (التواب) The Receiver of Repentance AL-ÁFUWW (العفو) The Supreme Pardoner AS-SITTĪR (السِتِّيِرُ) The Concealer AL-GHAFFᾹR (الغفار) The Repeatedly Forgiving, The All-Forgiving,  The Oft-Forgiving, The Absolver, The Most Protective One, […]

AZ-ZAHIR: The Manifest and AL-BATIN: The Hidden

AZ-ZĀHIR (الظاهر) The Manifest, The Apparent, The Evident, The Exterior, The Outer One, The Conspicuous English meanings The One who manifests all of creation and who is manifest in all of creation The One whose nature and existence is demonstrated in all of creation The One whose essence and attributes are shown throughout all of […]