Crossing the Line Into Crazy-Can you tell when You’ve gone too far?

There is that line that you can cross…the line in between “reaction” or “normal idea” into “over reaction” and “extreme idea” And then there is the next line…the one that crosses over into Bipolar Reaction and Bipolar idea . And these things always start out in truth.  IN actual REALITY. There are reasonable reasons You […]

Sometimes I Crave Depression

I don’t actually know this time if anyone else has ever had this feeling the feeling of actually longing for the depression sometimes…. it is not real obviously because when it comes it is horrible and those previous longings seem foreign and ludicrous i remember having this feeling a long time ago wondering why in […]

Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Life I Learned from Bipolar Disorder

Life can change on you in an instant….Nobody is going to Fight for you but You….You never know what a person is struggling with inside so be nice….Sometimes you just get screwed and it isn’t your fault….It is okay to say No to things that stress you….Balance is a nice idea that is hard to […]

Depression isn’t sad-Depression is Losing EVERYTHING

depression is not sad depression is not just a stream of negative thoughts depression is not just waging a battle against the destructive thought intrusions and voices. Imagine your heart is a ball of light… now imagine a hideous black Voldemortesque snake wrapping itself around your heart… demonically hissing around and around squeezing tight getting […]

Bipolar isn’t sexy and Violent. Bipolar is Internal Suffering.

The world tends to think of Bipolar as being mainly composed of these wild and crazy external behaviors… violence and crotch flashing and jumping off buildings and all sorts of salacious and scandalous and sexy exciting stuff But what people don’t realize is that Bipolar is mostly a silent internal suffering… much more akin to […]