Quinoa Fried ‘Rice’

After a gym session I usually don’t want to spend loads of time preparing dinner, I want something in under 20 mins to get in ma belly! If you have some left over quinoa (or rice) from another meal in your fridge, then this is a super healthy dinner you could put together in under 20 minutes!


Veggie Chilli wraps with Cheesy Cashew Cream

Written by Sophie I am a meat lover, but recently I wanted to cut down on my meat intake to see if it made a difference to how I felt overall (can’t comment on that at this stage as too early), but anyway….I was craving chilli con carne so this is a veggie/vegan twist!  I […]


Moroccan Kofta Kebab Skewers On A Bed of Jewelled Quinoa/Brown Rice And Yogurt Dip (Meat-Free)

Written By Gracie  We’ve been lucky enough to work with Great Food recently and have come up with some recipes using their delicious gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan products that have 100% natural ingredients. For more info on Great Food check out their website: http://www.greatfooduk.com/ I chose to create a dish using the Aromatic Moroccan Koftas (http://www.greatfooduk.com/range/aromatic-moroccan-koftas/) […]