Before Her

Before Her

She snuggled closer to me as she slept in my arms last night.
Milk bubbles were all over the floor and her toothless smile.
Tiny toe squiggles and knee prints are scattered all over the floor
But I forget everything there ever was before her…
Before her smile.
(written about my daughter)




You are on my mind,

 But why I do not know
I try to get you out of there, 

But you will never go
No matter what I’m doing, 

Or where ever I may be
You are always in my head, 

Like you are part of me
I do not mind you being there,

 But I find it very strange
That I think of you so often, 

And cannot make it change
You are there when I wake up,

 And when I go to bed
I wonder if I will get you, 

To ever leave my head
I know its me who put you there, 

Yet still I don’t know why
I wonder if you will be there, 
Until the day I die.




I remember…
A little girl dreaming
Of love, strong and true
A man to have, to hold, to depend on.
I remember…
One day realizing
Such men are a forgotten breed
And settling for a lonely kiss

On a winter’s eve.
I remember…
Opening my eyes, seeing you
The dream realized, the forgotten love
To cherish like precious stone.
I remember…
Do you?

In Death

As Salam Alaikum,
Oh you wrapped up in white garments,
you will be honored.
You will be honored with a thorough washing and shrouding.
You will be honored for the good you put forth in this life
You will be prayed for and you will be prayed over!
Oh you wrapped up in white garments,
you will be honored.
You will be honored by those whom you prayed with, ate with, and
loved in this life.
Oh you wrapped up in white garments,
you will be honored with fine cloths, sweet scents and gracious words
from your brethren.
But remember, Oh you wrapped up in white garments,
you will be questioned. You will be alone in your niche, in your
space where no one will be next to you, where no soul will aid you in
answering your Lord.
You will be asked those three questions, you will be rewarded for
your good deeds and punished for your evil,
Oh you wrapped in white garments, remember you worshipped a Lord that
is Merciful, Forgiving and Kind. Remember that the Quran will speak
for you or against you on Yammul Qiyyamah.
Remember, Oh you wrapped up in white garments that the Angel of Death
is near waiting for the command of His Lord, to take your soul from
your body and that Angel hastens to please and obey His Lord.
Oh you wrapped up in white garments leave behind good deeds that will
benefit you in the grave where you will be left alone,
Once the footsteps have gone, once the dirt has been layed.
There you will come to know that,
Oh you wrapped up in white garments, the true test has begun!

Praying for strentgh

I am so depressed and despondent
Frustration is a daily occurrence
hopelessness is caused by the mind numbing monotony of boredom
Sleep is elusive and ever fleeting

Dreams are none existent

Life is always in shades of gray

nothing happy ever stays

darkness shadows and ghost haunt the walls of my mind

tormenting me at all hours

should haves

could haves

would haves

always getting in the way

All I can do is fall down and pray

Pray for hope

Pray for strength

Pray for patience

Pray for Allah to show me the way out of this gray