You were in my dreams again
I saw your face there last night
But you’re always in my thoughts
Even in day light
Your crystal eyes so deep and dark
Could never break apart
Your smile so warm, without a doubt
Could melt the coldest heart
And although you never speak
You face says all I need to know
I hate it when the morning comes
Because then you have to go
And though you not always around
I’ll always remember you
Forever you are within my thoughts
I know I’ll love you true

Islamic Poems

Shaykh Fawzaan Said: “Knowledge Without Memorization Will Not Stay” Three poems to help us      – Al-Mandhumah Al-Haa’iyyah – Arabic Text – Nooniyah al-Qahtaaniyy -Laamiyyah of Ibn Taymiyyah                                                       Find them here –

Poem – Quit Your Whining

Quit your whining. All we ever seem to do is moan! Statuses and calling people up on our extra limb – known as the phone. “Why is my life this way?!” You said, “Why does bad always happen to me?!” You said. A thousand complaints wising round in your head, Angry at the world! You […]

Poem “Welcome to Syria”

“You have to understand that noone puts their child in a boat unless the water is safer than the land”  Wecome to “the jungle” Calais :-/ I wrote this poem a while back, but seems relevant, perhaps give an understanding to others why our brothers and sisters are fleeing to the likes of ‘the jungle’ […]

Depression Rears 

I haven’t been writing 

have had writers block on top of feeling 

hopelesly deeply depressed

I despair being deeply depressed it distresses me

I wouldn’t  want anyone to have to suffer through this dark tunnel filled with various shades of velvety grays of foggy mindnumbing depression 

that deprives of all other emotions 

like being stucked into a vortex without a way out.