Quinoa Fried ‘Rice’

After a gym session I usually don’t want to spend loads of time preparing dinner, I want something in under 20 mins to get in ma belly! If you have some left over quinoa (or rice) from another meal in your fridge, then this is a super healthy dinner you could put together in under 20 minutes!


Veggie Chilli wraps with Cheesy Cashew Cream

Written by Sophie I am a meat lover, but recently I wanted to cut down on my meat intake to see if it made a difference to how I felt overall (can’t comment on that at this stage as too early), but anyway….I was craving chilli con carne so this is a veggie/vegan twist!  I […]


Acai & Blueberry Breakfast Bowl

Written By Gracie  This is the most refreshing and delicious breakfast that is packed full of goodness. It’s full of antioxidants, vitamin A, iron, calcium, protein and lots more. It’s great because you can get creative and add whatever you want as toppings… I have listed what I used below but feel free to play […]