Chapter 2: The Second Treatise

That is obligatory upon every muslim male and female Muslim to learn these three matters and to act upon them  Shaikh Saalih ibn Saalih al-Fawzaan haafidhahullaah explained it as: Here are three main parts of this 2nd chapter: 1-  Belief that Allah created us and gave us provision and did not leave us without purpose,     […]


الثانية: العمل به. الثالثة: الدعوة إليه. الرابعة: االصبر على األذى  فيه The Second: Acting upon it, the third: calling others to it, the fourth: patience upon the harms faced by it. دوسرا؛ عمل کرنا ساتھ اس (نافع علم) کے، تیسرا؛ اس(دین) کی طرف دعوت، چوتھا؛ صبر اس (دینِ حق) پر جب اس پر اذیت دی جائے  […]