My Failing Willow Tree

My Failing Willow Tree


Oh my failing willow tree,
Why have you given up hope me?
For all these years I have held you well,
And now I have to see you dwell,
Like a mother over her sick child,
And I see you hang limp, till you breathe your last breath,
Where the earth bewails over your Death. . .
Then when you have perished,
And your lack of hope has eaten you away,
There will be Hope.
For a new life of you will sprout,
And the harmony of you will outstretch,
Touching the sky, the sun,
And your long leaves calling to the soft soil,
For a new breath to call, and breathe. . .
For a warm heart again beat,
And through your flesh,
Will run your lively spirit,
And you will hold strong in midst,
Of the Hope of thy Willow Tree.