If The Regular People

If the regular people.​ If the regular people truly understood, if they lived in our skins for a day. If they had the severe depression, the eupohric highs. If they had the nausea and weight gain or weight loss from medication, the nightmares, not only from medication, but also from dreams gone by. If they […]


Boredom is deadly…

I’m starting to think that a lot of depression, for me anyway, is caused by boredom. Although routine is drummed into us as Bipolar patients it is tedious and therefore counter intuitive in a way… I crave adventure, I want new daily experiences and to meet new people regularly, I try distract myself with exercise, […]


How to love someone who has depression

“How to love someone who has depression” – There are a lot of posts going around about how to love someone who has depression and the allowances you have to make; the understanding you have to show, the hardships you have to go through etc. I have read some wonderful posts about how to be […]