Hope Is Love

Filled with pain,

And joy,

The only thing in the world,

Burning your heart with milky feeling,

Blooming pain in my heart with happiness.

Hoping to hope to love,

Hoping my love would love me

Hoping to make love with my love.

Hope is love,

Between pleasure and pain,

Between hearts,

Between all and all,

Between minds.

Cyber Love

My cyber loveYou are there ,

I am here standing at different shore

When we will see each other, 

When we will be together

How you know about me, 

What I know about you

When we have never seen, 

Nor met ever before

I wonder what is this,

Why I got these feelings

Why I’m waiting for you, 

Why I’m missing you

I figured, this is love,

But how can it be

When I never seen him, 

But yes its love, 

Cyber love

I never knew about this,

I can hear the words

Which has no voice, 

I can feel u whispering

I touch the screen, 

And I can feel your skin

I type the funny things, 

And I can see you smiling

With the words, 

Hugs and Kisses

I can feel the warmth, 

Passion and tender love

When you say bye, 

I can see you closing

The door and going way, 

Leaving me all alone

I want you to say, 

Bye as a cyber lover

And come with me, 

Be mine, 

Forever as my lover

I will wait for the day, 

When this will happen

You will come out of screen, 

And will be together forever

You are the reason

I was walking on the way


I sit and I wonder. 

I Think and I cry.

How did this happen ?

Someone please tell me why.

Often I did feel you near, 

When you started to slip my head filled with tears.

When they told me the news I shook in fear, 

Fear of living not of dying , 

Fear of joy not of crying, 

Fear of talking not of shouting.

I couldn’t help but remember the joy you bring, 

Brought I should say since now you lay.

Once, a great while ago,

In which this time did not go slow I thought I had you for forever, 

This can no longer be as one trigger is pulled by an absent minded killer 

Cold enough to make anyone shiver.

Because of this I can no longer dream of a family in which I can no longer see.

When I hear your name my mind starts spinning, 

Confusion and hate, 

Life and fate, 

Someone’s love given a day to late , 

Maybe a minute for all we know, 

One life taken just for show ?

What happened that night, 

I wish I knew as the rain began to fall one face turned blue.

One story told,

Before the seasons turned cold. 

Hot summer nights can no longer be,

Do you remember the love you gave to me ?

I Knew

I Knew
When I first met you 

I knew things wouldn’t be the same.

I knew you would be the one I would spend the rest of my days. 

That I would cherish you an you me.

Until the end of time we would always be.

Making Forevers. . . . 

Making Forevers. . . . .
Forever. . . . .

How is it measured?

In the smile of a child,

Or the laugh of a dear friend?

Is it the warmth of a loved ones arms

Holding us tight in the

Dark of the night, 

Or the tear

From a loving mothers sadness?

Forever. . . . .

When is “Forever” done?

Is it over when the child

No longer has a reason to smile?

Is it over when the dear friends

Laughs are no longer heard?

When the warmth of love is gone,

Is “Forever” done, 

Or is “Forever”

Done when the mothers sadness

No longer breaks her heart into?

Hearts Journey

To know I’ve helped you learn,

helping you make all the right turns.

What you decide will be right,

even if made in the deep of night.

Always trying to caring way to hear,

Will always save you from fear.

Never make yourself doubt,

Let your heart lead

You down the best route.

Even when you’re sad, too,

Know I’ve been there,

And I will always love

The both of you…….

Weeping Rainbow

Listening to the rain

Falling furiously from above,

He gives it eminent domain

To cleanse the earth.

Like weeping tears

From the eyes of angels

Washing away sorrows fears.

Raindrops, like crying

Washes souls for a time.

Only after the dying

Do we realize the angels

Tears where of joy.

Joy for the rainbow

Of life after the storms.

From Puppet to Master

From Puppet to Master

At the mercy of your whim

I feel naught but shame

Within my soul for the passion


And bitterly weep at

The insurmountable cost of

Being with you.


The word “me” does not exist,

Nor the word “we”.

Because now it’s the master and his puppet,

So blindly yielding to the strings.

And then a pristinely white ophidian

Gazed down on this me,

The puppet.

Supernovas and implosions from

Inside me came and then…

I had ascended into the place

The Universe meant;



Ocean Love

Oceanic Love dewy
LOVE makes Ocean 

The Ocean,

Or it is waves, 



And crabs,

It is not rivers, 

And lakes that

Makes an Ocean.

BUT from the ocean sprouts rivers,

Flowing and creeping to the peaks of LOVE.

Being an ocean you are just a drop.


Follow Advice,

 Not the person….

Learn to harmonize with diversion.

Seek knowledge for growth, 

Not gain…

Expand your capacity to obtain.

Your heart won’t always agree with your mind…

Believe in your instinct, 

Or be left behind.

Never let go of what’s important to you…

Have faith in yourself, in all that you do.

Beauty lies in the strength of your soul…

Ignoring desire will take it’s toll.

Break free of anything that holds you back…

Observe your behavior to see where you lack.

Approach the world with forgiving honesty…

Contemplate the meaning of everything you see.

Have patience with those who risk being honest and open…

Sometimes hearing, means listening to the unspoken.

My Child

My Child
You are my Precious Little Child 

So very Sweet, 

Meek, and Mild 

And to you

 I give my Love 


You’re sent from God Above. 

You may not have my hair or eyes 

But my love for you is no surprise 

You light my life as no-one does 

Because You’re sent from GOD Above. . . . .