letter never sent

You promised me everything
You never gave me anything
And hurt feelings
You didn’t care for me this now I can see
You are so selfish all you cared about is staying
in America
You never spent time with me
You don’t know me
If you knew me you would have known I was unhappy
And in pain you would have heard me when I talked to
You, you would have listened and changed
You would have made it right but no selfish you
All you care about is cars, money and yourself
If you cared about me you would have spent time
With me you would have done partner yoga and
Counseling when I asked you to
Instead you left me alone slowly my hopes faded
My dreams died and I cried myself to sleep your famous
last lie was I still love her” you
Don’t love me or care for me if you did you wouldn’t
Have forced me to have anal sex you would have seen
That I was unhappy you would have tried to help but no
You just let me be unhappy
Silently I cry myself to sleep and silently my
Heart crumbles away
The sad thing
Is that I loved you
I still do
I do not feel like a human when around you
You are unhealthy you lead to stress in my
You hurt me ignore me and demean me
I do not want my children to grow up seeing
So I have to let you go
I hope you realize that you
You lost a faithful loving wife because you
Didn’t care about her
She tried to reach you
But you blocked her out with walls and by
Avoiding her
It doesn’t matter
You don’t care and you will never understand
She was delicate as a leaf in the wind
Strong as a mountain
Brave as a knight
Gentle as a lamb
Sweet as honey
And now she is sad
As a clown crying tears of sorrow
Her tomorrow was shattered and you didn’t Care Allah Hafiz