Nothing is easy, until God makes it easy…

They say with time it gets easier but sometimes it really doesn’t. The realisation of what’s lost becomes more evident. The memories replay over & over. The temporary distractions stop working & the reality of the situation sets in. A big hole. And we as humans need that hole to be filled.  And you know […]

Let this be enough to carry you through your ‘storms’ with ease.

Remember these 3 things about Allah (God) when a calamity befalls you… 1. The love of Allah 2. The wisdom of Allah  3. The justice of Allah Let this be enough to carry you through your ‘storms’ with ease 🌸

The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book

by Theresa Corbin   Now Available: A unique, adult coloring book with an Islamic theme. The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book: a tool for deen, dawah, & de-stress. Have you ever found yourself wandering in the stationary isle, lingering over the plentiful packs of coloring pencils; or covertly browsing the adult coloring book section in Books-A-Billion, […]

God is Greater Than Our Sleep

“The strongest man in the world is the one who can lift up his blanket at the time of Fajr.” –Unknown Source Why do we start every prayer with “Allahu Akbar?” There are many other phrases we could start with like Subhanallah (Glorious is God), or Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), or what about the […]