Islamic Poems

Shaykh Fawzaan Said: “Knowledge Without Memorization Will Not Stay” Three poems to help us      – Al-Mandhumah Al-Haa’iyyah – Arabic Text – Nooniyah al-Qahtaaniyy -Laamiyyah of Ibn Taymiyyah                                                       Find them here –

Poem – Quit Your Whining

Quit your whining. All we ever seem to do is moan! Statuses and calling people up on our extra limb – known as the phone. “Why is my life this way?!” You said, “Why does bad always happen to me?!” You said. A thousand complaints wising round in your head, Angry at the world! You […]

Poem; Inner Warfare

Inner Warfare Opposing thoughts battling in side my head, Locked up in a world of it’s own, learning how to control them, The soul needs to be fed, A battle against my nafs, my soul needs to be led, Led by a commander taking charge of my thoughts, Disciplining the soul and building up a […]

Poem “Welcome to Syria”

“You have to understand that noone puts their child in a boat unless the water is safer than the land”  Wecome to “the jungle” Calais :-/ I wrote this poem a while back, but seems relevant, perhaps give an understanding to others why our brothers and sisters are fleeing to the likes of ‘the jungle’ […]