oh tree

i see your pain standing alone silent as the world whirls by you beating you defeating you moody seasons burning you with sunny smiles then with cold lashes and bitter tongue stripping you bare aging you and you can’t run shackled by roots that hold you still in this hardened ground in this same valley […]


Be Your STRONG Self

Don’t forget, you ARE STRONG- Sometimes, we are so busy “trying” to be strong that we forget that we ARE strong. With every hardship we have endured, we have only gained strength from it. Every pain felt, means we have developed thicker skin. So, don’t forget that YOU ARE STRONG, and you will continue to…


The Power of Thoughts – Why You Are What You Think!

Thoughts can be powerful in fact so powerful that they create the world around us. What we focus on and think about most is attracted towards us i.e. the law of attraction holds true universally. Like attracts like and we are all akin to transmission tower that transmits different frequencies that reach beyond cities, countries […]