I love you !

I love you !

A lot know I do
Do I care? No

Lost a lot,

But I don’t care
I Love you !

You make me wonder
I want you badly

You don’t know me
I Love you !

You’re my sunshine
You make me smile

I fancy you too much
I Love you !

That’s all that matters
That’s all I have to say

I Love You

I Love You

I need you because I love you
You’re one in a million to me
And I’d like to shout from the highest mountain
And let it echo from sea to sea
I never thought love could be so contented
And everything happen so fast
But now as I look to the future
I know what I’ve missed in the past
The love that you offer is timeless
It flows so naturally
I wonder, do I deserve it?
Is all this love really for me?
Im filled with so much emotion
It’s all bottled up inside me
I can hardly wait to be together with you
And let my emotions fun free
You don’t know how happy you’ve made me
I say this from the bottom of my heart
For I love you more than you’d ever dream
And I pray that we never part.