Please Tell Them (My Children)

Tell them how my life was filled
 With just the thought of them,
 And all the love and kindness,
 I know they hold within.
 Let them know they helped me
 To be a better person -
 How they made my days so much better,
 When we shared them.
 Please make them understand,
 Dear God,
 Help them please to listen,
 And most of all,
 I pray Dear God,
 They will know how much I will miss them.

Let this be enough to carry you through your ‘storms’ with ease.

Remember these 3 things about Allah (God) when a calamity befalls you… 1. The love of Allah 2. The wisdom of Allah  3. The justice of Allah Let this be enough to carry you through your ‘storms’ with ease 🌸

Just Another Day

Yesterday was just another day Just another broken dream Just another shattered heart Just another silent wish Just another disconnected thought But, you are more than just another face in the crowd. You are special You have an identity, a voice, A purpose to fulfill. So every time you fall, remember it is, Just another […]

Take Responsibility

Ain’t nobody gonna do it for you Cause every single human being Is responsible for his own soul No bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another Not even your brother from another mother In this world, for whom you missed your jama’ah Just cause he wanted you to tag along They ask you, […]

Innocent Tears

Trickling down memory lanes Of unexplored childhood Spent under shadeless trees Finding their path through lonely streets Lingering on scars that haven’t healed Wounds unseen, forever felt Caressing their bleeding hearts Where hope lies buried Awaiting a helping hand to water it Let it grow, Seeping through broken trust, Lost happiness, missing love Flowing down […]