Forever Friends

You’re my friend and that is true,
But the gift was given from me to you.

We went thru moments that were good and bad,
Even moments that was happy and sad.

You supported me when I was in tears,
We stuck together when we were in fear,

It’s really sad that it had to be this way,
But it has reached its very last day.
Miles away can’t keep us apart,
Because you’ll always be in my heart

Friendship Is Like A Big Oak Tree….

Friendship Is Like A Big Oak Tree….

It gives you shelter,
It gives you life.
Once you grow It In a land that is fertile,

It will always flourish,
Grow and thrive.Leaves shed when there Is
Fear and fight.
Stems grow When there Is
Hope and light.Flowers bloom when there Is
Smile In delight.
Fruits come as a gift,
When It’s strong and unite.

But all you must do, is just add
A bunch full of trust.
Then you will see with your own eyes,
That your Oak Tree will grow up to
Reach the sky.

To Be A Friend

Be a friend ,

Be a friend to the poor ,

To the lonely ,to the sick
Bake a cake ,

Make a call ,

Spend a day have a ball
Finding out what makes other people tick
Don’t suppose when someone’s old they don’t need a hand to hold because from one to one hundred we depend.
On some love we can share ,

On just knowing someone’s there
So be a friend be a friend , be a friend
So be a friend be a friend , be a friend lend a hand as you’re traveling life’s road
Don’t sit home on a shelf , give your time , give yourself find a way to ease someone else’s load.
Pat a back , lend an ear, share a smile ,

Wipe a tear be a dear,

You’ll spread joy with each hand that you extend and you will find when you do twice as much comes back to you .
So be a friend be a friend , be a friend
So be a friend be a friend , be a friend
There’s a world out there waiting for your touch.
And though you may be small ,

If you’ll give it your all ,the good you do can add up to very much.
While you’re strong and can give that’s the right way to live for the love that you share you only lend
When it’s all said and done someday you will need a friend
So be a friend be a friend , be a friend,….

Be a friend!

Breaking up with a Friend: Why It’s the Hardest Breakup of All

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