10 Celebrities with Depression, Bipolar Disorder, or Both — Therese Borchard

Whenever I hit a depression rut, where I feel disabled by the illness and therefore pathetic for being brought to my knees by a bunch of thoughts, it helps me to review celebrities — esteemed politicians, actors, musicians, comedians, astronauts, writers, and athletes — that I admire from both the past and present who have…

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Beyond Comprehension

No one hears me, understands me
I speak in silence
Hoping that someone will see my words,

My message
Hoping to find love, it has arrived so divine
I wish for a stronger, better life
filled with everlasting touch
I dream the future, but hold the past
My body is brimmed with so many confusions
Am I really here experiencing fullness?
I must be, the pain is so real
The hurt I feel could never be imagined
But I will pull through into greatness
And destroy whatever faces into me
As I struggle I will fight until the end
Whenever it may come

I Am Not Happy….

I am not happy sitting in a AC car,
When I see a person who is walking on the road.
I am not happy sitting in a HiFi hotel,
When I see a person begging for one time food.
I am not happy working in MNC,
When I see a person working hard as a labour under hot sun.
I am not happy when I do shopping,
When I see a person struggling to buy something for himself.
I am not happy wearing a nice dress,
When I see a person who is wearing very old dress.
I am not happy when I watch TV,
When I see a person who has not seen TV in a life at all.
I am not happy to be in a rich house,
When I see a person who is living in a shed.
I am not happy when I am going for a world tour, When I see a blind person.
I am not happy that I can sing

When I see a person who can’t speak.
I am not happy that I am perfect, When I see a person who is imperfect.
I am just happy because Allah has given me everything
So that I can share with others
And I can even make them happy..
Al Hamdulillah for everything..
Shukr Al Hamdulillah for everything..
Now tell me..
Are you happy in your life?

Am I Alone?

I get a funny feeling,
It comes from deep inside.
I get all mad and angry,
Wanting to go and hide.

My doctor calls it depression,
My Mom says it’s just me.
But the thoughts and feelings,
No one will ever be able to see.

Some say I’m psycho,
Some say I’m just weird.
It’s like I’m a different person,
And the old me just disappeared.

I get really edgy,
I want to commit suicide real bad.
Then I get a headache,
Followed by feeling sad.

I wish I could get help,
I wish it would go away.
Maybe if I keep praying real hard,
It will some day.


I sit here and think should I do it again
Feel the numbness through my body
Watch the blood seep through my veins out my skin
Should I?
Or shouldn’t I?
That’s the question
What if I go to far this time
What if I do it to much
I would do it to feel the numbness run through me
Oh I want the chill to run through my spine to just feel that numb again
I know I can’t, when I think I want to
I know I can’t, I don’t want them to cry
I don’t want myself to rut in the ground
I don’t want this to end
But if only I could feel the numbness again

Stupid Hate

 ..Stupid Hate…..
I wish you could see me
How much I hate you!
For hurting me!
For all the lies!
For all the fake Love!
For even being alive!
For all the fake words!
For even laying eyes on you!
*%Stupid Hate%*
I can’t see how
You can’t see
How pissed
How Mad
How sad
How all the feelings
Come together!
You hurt me!
You can’t just walk in
To my Life!
And say
“I want you back”
hell no!!

Poem on Allah and our needs

I asked Allah for strength
And Allah gave me difficulties to make me strong
I asked Allah for wisdom
And Allah gave me problems to solve
I asked Allah for prosperity
And Allah gave me brains and brawn to work
I asked Allah for courage
And Allah gave me dangers to overcome
I asked Allah for love
And Allah gave me troubled people to help
I asked Allah for favors
And Allah gave me opportunities
I received nothing I wanted
I received everything I needed
My prayers have been answered


Thoughts fly away from my mind Into the early morning sky Like fluttering butterflies Flitting from flower to flower Wings reflecting the sun’s Bright, blinding rays. A mixture of feelings Come over me Faster than I can comprehend Like paint-splattered canvases An imperfectly perfect landscape Chaotic, dynamic colors. Words inscribed fail to describe Things how they […]