When the Words of The One Most High are forgotten When the pride of man forces him to fight wars and destroy the world When lives and property of others are viciously trampled again and again When trusts are violated When Zakat feels to be a burden When the Quran is put aside When Religious […]


I am struggling

as salam alikum readers I have been struggling with my moods , it is hard and it effects everyone around me .  Being ill with bipolar that doesn’t respond to medication is very hard , it is like being thrown on a roller coaster without being ask before hand. It has been causing issues in […]


How to love someone who has depression

“How to love someone who has depression” – There are a lot of posts going around about how to love someone who has depression and the allowances you have to make; the understanding you have to show, the hardships you have to go through etc. I have read some wonderful posts about how to be […]