Blossoms Of Beauty

My sisters, you come in many colours
each with a shape and beauty all its own
like flowers in a garden
who can say which is best?

Tiny flaws are swallowed up by
massive beauty
The more you look
the more is uncovered
revealing delicate softness
covered with thick stalks
and some times thorns

We grow hardness without
to protect the vulnerability within

The flower dies all too soon
but in the spring
a new bud will form on a sturdy stalk
a new beauty yet to blossom
and share its God-given splendour
with the world.

The Splender of Spring

When April makes her entrence

From a winter of deadly grey

she is grounded in pastel colors

waving to all who look her way

The tulips on their willowy stems

Lilacs swaying in the breeze

Dogwoods blossoms of pink and white

And birds soaring high above the trees

The daffodils of lemon yellow

Hyacinths with itheir heavy scent

Let us be grateful to our Lord

For all the beauty he has sent

He has dressed the trees in emerald-green

To shade us through the day

Casting sun through leaves like diamonds

Brightening each step along our way

He has placed a carpet beneath our feet

making each burden lighter to bear

While high in the sky billowy clouds drift by

on a blue background beyond compare