20 Reasons to Love and use Coconut oil

I love coconut oil for many reasons.  I have done tons of research on it.  I also use it. First thing I found out was coconut oil is sooo awesome for dry, old and aging skin.  Or, you know just dry skin!  I have velvety soft skin (I am not just saying this because it […]


Spiced Pumpkin Loaf with Cream Cheese Icing

Written by Sophie This recipe was inspired by a can of pumpkin puree, the cold weather outside and the need for cake for my lovely friends’ birthdays. It’s really easy to make, and is just as nice without the icing if you’re not a fan.  There is also a tip for a banana alternative if you’re […]


Natural Homemade Hair and Face Mask

Written By Gracie  Organic natural products can be very expensive to buy in the shops so if you’re on a budget then this hair and face mask are great for a girly evening when you want a bit of pampering. The hair mask nourishes and hydrates your locks and honestly makes it so shiny. The […]


Smokey Bean Casserole

Written by Sophie This is a delicious and easy store cupboard recipe which can be eaten as a main or as a side.  It’s one of those recipes that’s really adaptable to your taste and what you have in your cupboard which is always a bonus.  The flavour is really delicious as we have made […]