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three things about me:

I dislike shoe shopping I find it a huge pain in the foot and so very frustrating due to my feet being oddly shaped.

I don’t really care what I wear , and I haven’t bought my own clothes in years

I am afraid of snakes

Munna, Baba & Me




To Understand Understanding is Understanding. Understood?

Verbal and physical attacks no longer bother me. What bothers me is that people don’t have a sense of understanding. A sense of caring. A sense of compassion. Not the false sense of compassion, but actual compassion. Not a false sense of caring, but actual caring. Not a false sense of understanding, but a real, […]

Are You Fronting?

How many of us are ‘fronting?’ I just watched a discussion about social isolation and loneliness and realised that so many of us are probably really lonely. Even those of us who are surrounded by people physically. How many of us via physical or mental illness, lack of confidence, age, obesity, poverty, or simply being […]

Sleeping Giants

You know, I really like your music

But don’t you think you guys are really harsh on the kufars?

We’re not harsh on the kufars
The kufars are harsh on us

The poison is injected
The giant is asleep
He’s chain into sections
To keep him off his feet
The mission is forgotten
The bond is getting weak
Wake up oh Muslim Ummah
Before we face the heat

Telling me to calm down
A year has past
since the last song
Situation has worsen
It was kosovo and Kashmir
Now it’s chechnia and dagistan
So who is next in line
Governments who claim
They implementing Islam
Like who??!
Like Taliban, Iran and Sudan..
All 52
So called Muslim nations
Oppressing the masses
in the name of Islam
They are digging our graves
while we are a sleep
over a billion
But oh so weak
We need to rise up
And get back on our feet
We’ve been fooled too long
This what happens
When we let kafirs lead

Why are we losing?
Who are we amusing?
Sisters are leaving
because brothers are abusing
Twisting Islam’s teachings
mixing culture and pride
using Islam to justify
for the tears that she cries
When I look into her eyes
I see the pain deep inside
As she leaves and says good bye
Now tell me who’s to blame
Don’t just sit there in shame
Lets look to Islam to cure the pain
to all my sisters in pain
These oppressors are insane
They’re heading straight
to the hell fires flame

The poison is injected
The giant is asleep
He’s chain into sections
To keep him off his feet
The mission is forgotten
The bond is getting weak
Wake up oh Muslim Ummah
Before we face the heat

Imitating the kafirs
Flirting with disaster
Even our sheiks and Imams
Are dressed up like priests and pastors
Khatibs wearing long robes
Historical clothes
More puppets than puppet show
Leaving us with no solution
after their speech
Dawah based on prestige
Watch as they leach off
the Muslim Community
What ever happened to
this Ummah’s unity
They’re laughing!
Because they are acting
They cut the tongues
Of those who speak the truth
Fearing that the message
Will be passed on to the youth
You say its hard to believe
Before you nod your head
If our Scholars spoke the truth
Why would our enemies
Give them the platform to speak

The giant is in a slumber
Islam is complete
yet the Ummah looks up
to democracy for its needs
Defeated mentality
Left us in a gutter
The giant used to
Take care of the world
Now asks the kafirs to usher
Remember the battle of Bader
They doubted us from the start
Muslims had Islam
In their minds and their hearts
They know they fear us
Injecting poisons venom
so they tear us a part
This is just a reminder
Take it straight to the heart
Let us get back in the lead
Shake the giant to wake
Flourish and rejuvenate
Implement only Islam
to revive and renovate

The poison is injected
The giant is asleep
He’s chain into sections
To keep him off his feet
The mission is forgotten
The bond is getting weak
Wake up oh Muslim Ummah
Before we face the heat

Brothers killing brothers
While the kafirs getting richer
Muslim blood on my fingers
Tell me what’s wrong with this picture
These organizations
Making no difference
They’re making dollars no sense
In their lack of assistance
Muslims enlisted
in the enemy’s cavalry
Firing at our own people
Muslims to Muslim fatality
On the battle scene
Surrounded by our own casualties
Under siege
By these corrupted regimes
Blood to our knees
While the great giant sleeps

Whose law are you following?
Which side are you on?
Our brothers shed blood
For the cause of the kufar
They show us “Three Kings”
When we saw them stealing
They play as heroes
When we know they are zeros
Playing with our minds
Trying to use us as a pawn
Let us rise the Ummah
And follow the Sunnah
to Bring Back Islam
Implement the Quran
Awake this sleeping giant
That’s stronger than a lion
to chain up the Shaitan
Victory is promised
So work for Islam
and keep your Deen strong
We’ve waited too long
From here to Mecca


Let us rise The Ummah!
Let us Rise The Ummah!
Let us Rise The Ummah!

The poison is injected
The giant is asleep
He’s chain into sections
To keep him off his feet
The mission is forgotten
The bond is getting weak
Wake up oh Muslim Ummah
Before we face the heat

Sundays double chocolate fudge brownies

Easy way to get my son involved in the kitchen is to bake brownies! But it’s Sunday today so I thought why not go rich and luscious with my double chocolate fudge brownies! So simple and easy that will have you and the kids both licking the bowl!.    Ingredients – serves 10-12 200g Dark […]

Dearest Heart

Dearest Heart,
You are closer to me than my own two sides, a Divinely apportioned piece of my very existence, sometimes dark and sometimes alight. You’re with me everywhere I go, a fixed companion, running so deep that sometimes I don’t know where you end and I begin. You can be a seat of spiritual happiness for the one who possesses you; brimming with a light no other vessel can contain, seeing beyond seeing.
And at other times – and in truth, that’s most of the time with me, dear Heart – you can be the very opposite. At those times, you are the hardest company for me to keep.
Bit by bit it started, all by my own doing: weaknesses and heedlessness, blind indulgence and conscious ignorance; brazenly sinning while turning a blind eye to the spiritual illnesses developing within. One sin after another I committed, until you became almost unrecognizable beneath the layers of darkness building up inside. And I kept committing sins even when the pleasure was gone, just because the habit was so deeply fixed. Even when the sweetness became bitter, and the initial charm of the deeds I was committing became stale and repugnant, I continued, seeking to dull the ever-growing pain inside without too much introspection. “A cup I drank to taste its pleasure, and then another to chase its pain.”
I filled you with all manners of worldly things, but the aching and emptiness would not abate. Somehow, I deluded myself into thinking that the wounds would heal by these methods, and that the inner damage – self-inflicted – would somehow come to be repaired on its own. And I forced myself not to care. I lost something so precious when I lost you, dear Heart, beneath the darkness of sins and the choking hold of worldly attachments. I was a tightly closed shell whose pearl had somehow slipped away.
I found myself with pain running so deep, habits so ingrained, a path so steep before me… and heart-less, in the truest meaning of that word. It was hard for me to see a way to turn back.  But it’s there: I’ve found it, and it’s time.
Dearest Heart,
I’ve come to realize my absolute need for Allah (swt), down to my very core, and to see where I’ve gone wrong. How foolish to think that a spiritual vessel like you would be satisfied with less than His remembrance. You have taught me the truth of my existence: that without connection to Him, without the happiness of knowing Him and being true to Him, one will feel a painful emptiness, a sorrow, that cannot be filled with anything else.
I’m ready to strip away empty promises and convoluted excuses. I want to walk on this path upright, penitent, aware of my faults but constantly seeking a way back to Him. I need you with me dear Heart, and I pray it’s not too late. I’ll try my best to heal your wounds, and scrub away to your polished core, by His permission, through worship, His remembrance, and His aid. The path ahead is not an easy one and I know I’ll make mistakes, but I hope you’ll keep my company as we travel this road, the road of repentance, together. I will do right by you, God-willing, and you in turn, I pray, will help me reach His nearness.

Tuscan chicken and pea-mushroom risotto

2 cloves chopped garlic 1 onion 1 cup sliced mushrooms 2 litres vegetable stock 2 cups of arborio rice 1 cup peas 1 kg chicken pieces 2 tablespoons Olive oil 2 tablespoons Tuscan seasoning     Method 1. Marinade your chicken pieces in olive oil and Tuscan seasoning , which you can get at any supermarket […]