Before Her

Before Her

She snuggled closer to me as she slept in my arms last night.
Milk bubbles were all over the floor and her toothless smile.
Tiny toe squiggles and knee prints are scattered all over the floor
But I forget everything there ever was before her…before her smile

Tired beyond tired

yes yes I know it’s been a while since I posted …………………………………..

A lot has happened and life got in the way yes I know I know and I’m sorry it has taken a bit of time

Have been doing physical therapy to help with my unending head ache the therapist told me my neck and head ache will probably get worse and boy she right my neck is sore as is my head .

I have been chasing baby girl and little man and boy does that keep me super busy little and has figured out how to crawl run and boy is he fast baby girl is climbing up everything and making a huge mess that’s life ¬†.

been battling with the dark monster called depression .