AL-WAKIL: The Absolute Trustee

AL-WAKIL (الوكيل) The Absolute Trustee, The Trustee, The Guardian, The Advocate, The Dependable,  The Supporter, The Backer, The Sponsor, The Protector, The Custodian, The Manager, The Director, The Disposer of Affairs, The Controller of Affairs Arabic root From the root (و ك ل)  which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to appoint or entrust for […]

AL-QADIR: The All-Capable

Beautiful names of Allah linked to His perfect power AL-QĀDIR (القادر) The All-Capable AL-QADĪR (القدير) The Most Able AL-MUQTADIR (المقتدر) The All-Powerful AL-QAWWĪ (القوي) The Powerful AL-MATĪN (المتين) The Firm AL-QAHHĀR (القهار) The Dominator AL-QĀHIR (القاهر) The Subjugator AL-WĀSÍ (الواسع) The All-Comprehending AL-MUHĪT (المحيط) The All-Encompassing AL-QĀDIR (القادر) The All-Capable, The Most Capable, The Capable, […]