Bipolar moods , how I feel 

I am agitated beyond anything everything is grating on my nerves And annoying me 

My hurts so much 



My mood is peevish over nothing 

Can one always be defeated by bipolars chemical hell?​ 

I stuggle in the foggy blackish-grey cloak that is bipolar it makes life’s living hellish pains 

Noone else around me understands the silent struggles that go on in my head

I am so sick of people telling me to snap out of it…….

If I could snap out of it i would’ve but bipolar is a illness just like diabetes or heart disease,

It requries treatment and education.

Some people, with bipolar find solutions that work for them 

I havent found anything that works ,

So I muddle through my days as best as I can ! 


dislike fireworks

I dislike fireworks they are to noisy and annoying .
Last night was really hard for me with all the noise it is like as soon as it was dark outside people were lighting off fireworks .
I dislike the boom sounds they make , I didn’t sleep well at all as for the fireworks going off at all hours .
I wonder why there are no laws to enforce firework free zones ?