If I had a wish,

It would be this that all

God’s people would be just like him,

Able to cope, trust and just get along.

And not wonder if someone’s doing them wrong.

If we just put our trust in Him,

Then we could surely enter in,

And enjoy what life has to offer.

Instead of trying to hate on your sister or brother.

Yes, life would be so sweet,

If we just stop trying to compete,

For what’s already been promised.

Life everlasting and peace of mind.

So, get it together and claim your prize,

For I truly want to get what’s mine.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Moonlight sparkling on the fallen snow

Giving the night an awesome glow

All little creatures have to rest

Safely in their cozy nest

Knowing that with the coming of dawn

The countryside will have a perfect white lawn

Little tiny tracks from the snowshoe hare

Might even be some from the big brown bear

Let’s not forget the little wren

And maybe even the turkey hen

All in all what a wondrous sight

When mother nature moves in with all her might.


Brightly colored, cellophane covered boxes 

Hold a “fix” and one less breath of being. 

Their contents are tidy. 

Hidden under a soft silver foil 

They lay fresh and new, virgin. 

An exotic beauty with coy eyes 

And ink black hair plays a siren song, 

Inviting you to hold her glass body to your lips. 

She is amber golden seas, 

And the rich spiced flavor Of unknown lands. 

A timeless pungent aroma 

Grabs subtly at the threads of reality, 

Slowly pulling them apart and reweaving them. 

A sharper image and warmth Emerge through the thick air left behind. 

These are small treats and vices, 

An ounce or breath of self reward, 

In a daze of expectations…



A thousand miles apart feels like light years away 

The sky used to be sunny 

Now it’s a putrid gray our lives will be much different 

They’ll never be the same

There is only one reason your going 

There is only one to blame 

I will miss you my dearest 

Without you by my side 

I hope that I don’t die without you by my side 

I will cry an awful cry without you bye my side 

I will cry an awful cry

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three things about me:

I dislike shoe shopping I find it a huge pain in the foot and so very frustrating due to my feet being oddly shaped.

I don’t really care what I wear , and I haven’t bought my own clothes in years

I am afraid of snakes

Munna, Baba & Me










Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown

Sometimes when I’m alone I cry; 

Not because I’m sad, So why?

 It’s as if my soul hurts 

For some unknown cause. 

I’m over come with tears,

 Trying hard to wash away my fears, 

Fears that scare me 

Because I don’t care 

Don’t care for me 

Or anyone else. 

I think I’m going to kill myself.

Baby Jake

Baby Jake

Ten little toes,

One little nose.

Five little fingers

In each hand.

They can play

In a baby band.

Two little eyes

On each side,

Left and right.

A lot of little teeth,

They can bite.

Two little hands,

To play Pat-a-Cake.

Next thing you know,

You have baby Jake!

Destroying Nature

It’s a shame that he world has to die like a growing flower in orbit.

The delicate petals like fingers of children that will be no more.

It’s a shame that the fallen skies will surround the rivers with dust and covers the seas like

A woolen blanket which has been torn in the middle like the heart of a lost soul.

The paper is blotted, crystal glass is shattered;

The eye of a lion gauged in a gruesome war.

Doves become black as ashes;

The purity of this earth disappeared as a crow in the dead of night.

People create the world’s nature,

Now people are destroying the nature that creatures created.



When problems in life make you seem weak

That’s when you are most likely defeated.

But once you realize,

There is a strength in you that can not be weakened,

That’s when you see clearly and your path in life is deepened.

Don’t let anyone or anything choose your destiny,

Just trust in who you are and proceed accordingly.

You are strongest in your darkest hour,

So hang tough and believe in your power.

Power to control your own destiny

And not settle for anything less than what you want your life to be.

Yes, this strength lies deep inside us all.


When you’re about to fall,

Take a step back,

Reflect on who you are and answer the call.