I Know

I Know
I know we are having hard time
I know you want to be mine
I know we have to fight
I know we’ll do what is right
I know we love each other
I know we’ll be together
I know I can’t wait to have you here
I know even you can’t I’m sure
I know you want to hug and kiss me
I know you want to be with me
I know one day this will happen
I know no matter whatever is the condition
I know once we get rid of this
I know then we’ll have nothing to miss
I know we’ll get everything we want
I know we’ve to work hard without saying I can’t
I just want to say I’m with you in this hard time
Don’t worry, just fight and you’ll be mine

A kiss

A kiss
A kiss is a kiss;
No matter the bliss;
A  person may make it a dream.
A kiss is a sign;

Of love and affection;
A true show of respect and unwritten.
A kiss is so warm;
A real secret treasure;
A kiss that’s untorn;
Unmistakable gesture.
A kiss that’s in vain;
Is not a real kiss;
But more of a sensual nature.

Time Timed

Time Timed

If I could just stop time would I
No, I think I would question why
And wonder why we want to freeze
All that today puts us at ease
But in frozen time comfort will rust
Trapped moments are no more than dust.
If I could buy more time, would I
No, I think I would question why
And wonder why we want to lengthen
A cord that only use can strengthen
No more no less, what is. . .is right
Because Time can never cure hindsight
Can speed have a speed…or Time be timed.
Can thoughts in my head be really mimed.
When the wine entered my head i chimed…..
Everything if not reasoned is RHYMED



“Allah does not delay a matter except

for Khair (goodness), and He does not

forbid a matter to you except for Khair,

and He does not send down upon you a

trial except for Khair; so do not be sad,

for the Lord of Khair doesn’t come with

anything except Khair.”


It’s A Shame

It’s A Shame

The circle is falling round us,

Creatures are weeping near us,

Don’t you think it’s a shame?

Growing flowers are crying,

Pain is crawling in the skin,

Don’t you think it’s a shame?

Materialistic things seem more important than people,

Isnt this a shame?

Casting stones, cruelty to innocence ,

Whats going on in the world?

The world is changing to the worst war field ever seen to man,

Is that a shame?

It’s not the world’s fault,

It’s the things that live within the world,

It’s the people.