I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry
“I’m sorry,” that’s all I can say
‘Coz I know that I’ve been a pain
I’ve been too demanding of your time
Which is the reason for this rhyme.
I just wanna say I’m sorry for how I acted
I’m such a dumb, Freak busted
I can’t act like I have the right for you
I don’t even have the right to love you
Don’t worry I promise not to act like that again
I don’t know how, But I can’t again let it happen
I’ve been a pain in the neck
It’s about time I stop acting like a wretched
You’ve been to nice to be treated like this
You should be happy together with your prince
So all I can do is say I’m sorry,
Sorry for even calling you baby
To be honest, You’ve been the nicest man to me
I wasn’t treated like nobody
So now I am here thanking you for everything
And I’m sorry if I’ve been so mean

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