They Slew Me

They Slew Me

They tore out my heart,

These demons of discord and malice.
They feasted on it,

Those demons of hatred and spite.
I had no chance,

Not a prayer,

I didn’t even resist.
And this life it keeps going,

And I can never stop it.

One more day,

I live to rue my existence.
I can’t deny,

I’ve had a hand in my own demise.
It’s so unfair,

I was so young.
Despite even that and my innocence,

They slew me anyway.
So lays my slain body,

Fallen to the ground.

11 thoughts on “They Slew Me

  1. Strong words of great regret and victimization. Vivid imagery.
    I like your use of spacing style with this poem. Helps with the cadance of reading it. Who are your favorite poets?

  2. Assalamu aleikum waramatulahi wabarakatuhu dear sister, beautiful poem Masha’Allah :). I sent you
    a message on Instagram btw, did you get it? Wassalam xx 😘.

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