Blue Is..

Blue Is…

Blue is the ocean

Blue is the sky

Blue are the teardrops people have cired.

Blue is a rain storm

Blue is a flavor

Blue is a summertime,

Moments I savor

Blue is a friendship

Blue is a feeling a broken heart that’s just begun healing

Blue is the earth

Blue are the stars

Blue’s all around us this whole world of ours

lest we forget

lest we forget

Lest we forget those years of yore 

When our country was first being found 

No one really knew what was in store 

But determined in mind to own some ground 

Our forefathers had to fight for their rights 

To settle and build in a life of fear 

But often disappeared in darkness of night 

How can we thank our forefathers with only a tear?

 To make our country such a high level plight