My Secret Love

My Secret Love

Today our souls met.

Our hearts became one.

We fell so deeply in love.

That we couldn’t stop the feelings.

What started as a simple kiss,

Grew to a passion.

That leaves us wanting more.

Every word we speak

Confers our feelings.

Every touch

Consoles the needs.

Every time we meet

Makes it harder to part.

Leaving an empty space yearning.

You have become an intricate part of my life.

A piece I never want to be without.

What will become of US?

Once we both realize the reality of our feelings.

I will always love you.

Where Am I?

Where Am I?

Where am I?

Am I living a lie?

Oh no, no !

I am fine,

Just a little behind.

Can you push me up,

Dear lord?

I do not want to commit any fraud.

Destiny seems too bleak

And I am getting old and weak

Am I just a number in this world?

Or would my future fortune bring me gold?

I hope I’ve fulfilled your work

For I would not like to be heaven’s joke

Bless all of your creations here on earth

And let them know the reason why we took birth.



My heart begins to ache, 

And I don’t know how I feel. 

My mind goes blank, 

And I don’t know what to say. 

My body begins to falter, 

And I’m too weak too stand. 

My eyes bein to water, 

And I don’t want to cry. 

My soul tries to hold on, 

And it’s too late.

 Someone I love died today,

 I guess it was their fate.

Speak Not to My Ashes

Speak Not to My Ashes

Dragons flame has burnt me

Down to my last breathe,

My Final threads of life flowing

Through what little there is

Left of this decaying form

That I once could have happily

Called a body;

Now it’s nothing more than a rotted shell and ghost!

All because every microt of dignity

And sacred bliss in Oblivion was

Torn from my spirit

And I destroyed everything

I used to hold so dear


Even now as Death sings her melancholy

Songs to me

I definitely pretend not

To hear

And as my last request

I do not


But beg,…

“Speak not to my ashes…”


Through the valley of pain,

I walk alone
Tears drop like rain,

All the way

Why did you leave me alone…?
I ran behind the God of death

Couldn’t find your lovely face
Where you,

My love…?

My heart pains so much,

So lost

I want to see you again,

My love
Never told you,

How much I love you
Loosing my breath,

I am falling
Through the hills,

Dark feilds
I couldn`t live alone


GraduationWhen I graduate in June

I will be so proud of myself,

Because I lifted a lot of weight off myself to get to my diploma soon.

I’ve had a lot of supporters in my life that have gotten me this far,

And Im hoping that I can save up afterwards to get me a car.

On my graduation a piece of my heart will be left out,

Because my mother won’t be here because

She’s in heaven somewhere out and about.

I will make her proud though, and I will send her a sign,

That I will make her happy down here

And her heart will always be in mine.

World of Temptation, pt I

World of Temptation, pt I

Metal rods,broken glass
Rusty nails,a lonely screwdriver
Wire hanger, metal shards
Piercing me throughout
Each wound represents
A subtle suggestion, a
Flash of seduction,
A taste of pain to savor.
Blood runs forth
Without control, and
Soaks into my clothes
Knives make excellent quills
For the flesh,cutting
In, carving out, exactly
What I’m thinking,
Showing everything
A world of temptaion awaits me
If only in secret;for those around
Would take away my cutting tools
And shut me in a dark room.

The “Sounds”

The “Sounds” sound
The wind,

The smell of water,
The pink and purple hues.

So calming,
So free always there

To remind me.
With closed eyes

I’m taken away by the
Nature of its glorious sounds.

Always changing with its
Swirls of blue liquid.

Its aroma landing like
Velvet on my face,

Touching me like a
Loved ones spirit.

Reminding me of the
Beauty of the “SOUND”.

Love Of My Life

Love Of My Life

I never knew how a love would be true’

Till I met you.

The years have come and gone but my for you’

Will be very strong.

Days filled with happiness to my heart’

Knowing I never want to depart from you.

Feeling of love came in my heart the night we met’

Till now I know we will be truly blessed…

God brought me to you for a reason’

In all the seasons.

Are love will be stronger like there is no tomorrow’

I will always love you…..