Love you

I love you throught the seasons
Through rain and shine
Blue skies and green trees and black seas
Nothing can keep me from you
I will travel to the ends of earth and back again just for you
Our souls are intwined
Our hearts are already binded together
This is true love
This is forever love
The kind that comes only once in a life time
To infindy and beyond
To you and only you I give my heart
And my body
You have lighted a etenal flame
Just with you gentle words and kind spirit
You reached out to me in my hour of deepest need
For this I love you
My words cannot do justice to how much I love you 
I can’t express it with 26 letter
Non with stars
I love you forever always beyond more most to infindy I love you



The room is so silent,

The beating of a heart is heard,

The room is so silent,

The ticking of a clock,

Sounds like a nearby bird house is covered

By a silent blanket,

A curse of silence,

Has been poured all over.

The happy times,

Which once occurred here,

Now disappeared into a frightening atmosphere.

Now the silence has been broken,

The tense feeling has gone,

You think silence is relaxing,

You’re wrong!!!