Life Pretty Pleasures

Life Pretty Pleasures

In all the world,

Where love so young,
Truth speaks in lover’s tongue,

These pretty pleasures shall be my guide
To be with thee and thy valley inside.

It’s time,

My drive from field to the fold
On raging rivers till hard rock cold.

While the flowers fade,

From these wanton fields.
To wayward country reckoning yields;

My tongue in honey,

The nectar flow,
In fancy spring,

It’s time I holds.
My dance,

My member,

My all so ready posies.
Oh how I do love those beds of roses!

Oh my country,

To come,

Oh so splendor,
To be home,

I return, soon to enter.
Youth may last,

My love still breed?
Our joy,


Our secret deeds,

My mind,

My body,

My soul.
To be alive,

To live,

To be so bold.