Through the valley of pain,

I walk alone
Tears drop like rain,

All the way

Why did you leave me alone…?
I ran behind the God of death

Couldn’t find your lovely face
Where you,

My love…?

My heart pains so much,

So lost

I want to see you again,

My love
Never told you,

How much I love you
Loosing my breath,

I am falling
Through the hills,

Dark feilds
I couldn`t live alone


GraduationWhen I graduate in June

I will be so proud of myself,

Because I lifted a lot of weight off myself to get to my diploma soon.

I’ve had a lot of supporters in my life that have gotten me this far,

And Im hoping that I can save up afterwards to get me a car.

On my graduation a piece of my heart will be left out,

Because my mother won’t be here because

She’s in heaven somewhere out and about.

I will make her proud though, and I will send her a sign,

That I will make her happy down here

And her heart will always be in mine.