Death of A Rainbow

Death of A Rainbow

Silent are the songs
The fallen softly croon
When the most splendid
Rarity of the natural world
Dies at the hands of
Unfeeling sunshine
A single glimpse casts
Wonder into the stoniest
Of hearts and releases
The innate light and happiness
In the dreariest of souls,
And yet for all its powerful
Inspiring beauty, no one
Looks on the arced spectrum
With reverence or love,
No one mourns as the
Pallbearers grimly lead the
Fading bow into the
Gray, misty, everlasting oblivion

15 thoughts on “Death of A Rainbow

  1. i always have hard time understanding hidden meanings behind the words and contemplate over poetry. Yours was quite deep and touched all emotional strings. Keep it coming.

  2. Beautiful.
    you definitely have the way with words sister! every other poem by you is delight to read- 🙂
    I wrote a similar one too but lost it 🙂

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